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Led by OUA Player of the Year and All-Canadian, and a Professional Player in Europe, Laura Condotta

Exceptional training model to enhance your athletic and technical skills in volleyball in Toronto West

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We are thrilled to have former Titans player Laura Condotta coaching our Indoor Elite program.

Join the ranks of our successful athletes who’ve benefited from our high-quality coaching drawn from top USport, NCAA, Provincial, and National coaches. At Titans Elite Training Sessions, we’re committed to providing an exceptional training model to enhance your athletic and technical skills in volleyball.

What you can expect

Proven Success: Over the years, our program has been instrumental in crafting numerous athletes who have earned places on Provincial and National teams. In addition, we have proudly witnessed many of our trainees receive scholarships from top universities in Canada and the United States.

Complement Your Journey: Our program is designed to perfectly complement your rep season, enhancing your performance and leveling up your on-court performance and strategic thinking about the game.

No matter which club you’re currently playing for, if you’re a rep player, our Elite Training program is ready to welcome you.

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